Sivananda Yoga Bank

A World of Special Classes to Invest in for Your Health

If you wish to access to recorded videos of online courses – Please drop an email to sivananda@yogashowstheway.com with the course name.

From Sivananda Beginners’ courses to the Sivananda Advanced class series, you will find it all here.
This is a Yoga Bank, a world of special classes where you invest more and more in your health, peace of mind and happiness.
Here is a portfolio that acts as your real Health Insurance!
These are hidden treasures from Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gurgaon.

1. Sivananda Advanced classes (11 two hour classes currently)

a. Meant for someone who has been practicing the Sivananda open classes regularly for at least six months or more, or has attended a Sivananda yoga retreat, or is a Sivananda Teacher graduate

b. Meant also for a senior practitioner from other schools of yoga like Iyengar, Krishnamacharya, or Mysore Ashtanga

c. Not meant for beginners to yoga, and not meant for people who are self-taught from videos and books

2. Yoga beginners’ course (6 classes, 90 minutes each)
a. A step by step introduction, not only to Sivananda Yoga, but also Yoga itself – the fundamentals of breathing, relaxation, exercise, philosophy and practicals.
b. No prior experience of yoga is necessary
c. If you have a serious medical condition, check with your doctor before you take a yoga class

3. Meditation (7 classes, 60 minutes each)
a. Fundamentals of Meditation, including the classical method, step-by-step guidance and theory
b. No prior experience of yoga is necessary

4. Pranayama (7 classes, 75 minutes each)
a. Proper breathing, and the science of prana and pranayama, simple to advanced practice, and theory
b. No prior experience of yoga is necessary

5. Yoga for back pain (7 classes, 90 minutes each)
a. Meant for anyone who has back pain, any kind of lower, middle, upper back, neck, hip, sciatica, radiating leg pain
b. Also meant for anyone who does not have any back pain but wants to prevent it